For me personaly the ultimate challenge.I took this commission without hasitation.Allthough it 's

a huge project, I'm sure there's no lack of motivation to pull this one off.However, I did inform the

client that it would take me a year, but that was no issue.

So I planned this job carefully.First I will sculpt a bust and cast it up.Than I will continue to work

on it towards a full body.


First I made a foam support form, covered it with resin.




I absolutely wanted to sculpt the predator's head in polymer clay, because of the specific qualities.And so far it works fine.For baking I will have to search for help.This thing is so huge it won't fit my oven.













I really want this to be as detailed as possible. And that takes time...a lot of time. But the baking of the head comes closer. I'm trying not to think about what can go wrong in the baking process.


First painting test on a half cast head.


Because I've had little time to continue the paint test, I passed the head to my best friend Patrick Ceunen from Patmodelkits. I think he did an outstanding job here.